Mighty Fierce Goddess


I am excited to be on this journey, with the hopes to inspire women out there who are seeking to find their inner source of strength, reclaim their inner femininity, and discover the goddess within them all! You may ask why this is important to me. I have been that woman who lived under the mask of a “tough girl” persona: one who could keep up with the guys in this hyper-masculine world we live in. However, this persona wounded me every time I went directly against my intuition, looked to become whatever a man wanted me to be, and denied myself the whole and complete woman I am. Ironically, in the wake of this tough girl image, I wore my emotions on my sleeve and sought desperately to create an idealistic image of what I thought a desirable and successful female should look like. These were the contradictions and conflicted feelings I carried with me on a daily basis for many years. Make no mistake: this “tough girl” persona hid an inner shell of fear, doubt, and worry about the uncertainties in this world, suffering of human beings in the grips of oppression, and insecurity about how to establish a voice in a highly competitive, male-dominated world. I was sensitive to the world’s pain and remain so, but at that time, I convinced myself I should not be this way; that I needed to rid myself of all feelings, pretend I was getting along just fine, and could seek success without tapping into my inner-most needs and desires. In other words, I was pained by the expectations I was not sure I could live up to, while simultaneously disagreeing with why I even should live up to them. I wanted to be unapologetically myself, but still fought an internal battle to know what that meant when I could not find love for my body, mind, and abilities.

However, I have been on a journey to uncover the goddess within me and in so doing, seek to understand all the wiring that comes with womanhood and femininity, as it means to me. I do not mean to say that every women has the same likes, interests, complexities, and features. Rather, I wish to convey that each woman has within them the power of intuition, nurture, kindness, and self-love which can manifest in many different forms. Women need not fear these qualities. They are ones to be cherished, embraced, and lived.

This is what I have discovered thus far and hope all women struggling to be unapologetically themselves can be enlightened by:

I am a woman with power, rage, beauty, and kindness all wrapped in one. I have feelings and thoughts which take on a dimension of their own. I will love a person, but expect love in return. However, I have no hate in my heart if you do not.

I am a woman of worth– a product of Mother Nature and her earthly gifts. I am a goddess who will love you with all her heart, but crush you with the might of my pain. Embrace all of me: my curves, my hips, my bones, my laughter, my voice, my mind. It is all a vessel of my inner core and lightness of soul.

I am a whole feminine spirit that can give all and take all that this Good Earth can offer. I relish in the warmth of my body and the cycles of the moon.

In this blog, I will address many issues that affect women (and men) today. Gender expectations and sexism do not only take a toll on women, but do so on humanity as a whole. For, men are held up to certain ideals pertaining to idealistic masculinity, in the same way that women are pressured to maintain a certain image of themselves. I will unleash thoughts on diet culture, patriarchy, misogyny, unrealistic beauty standards, expected gender and sex roles, eating disorders, the media, politics of gender and the body, and issues that serve to keep women (and men) suppressed from shining a light on their inner being, the very one that can induce positive change in the world and others around them.

I hope that you will join me on my journey to uncover the goddess I am.

With Love,

Sarah Racine

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world.”- Mariam Williamson